.​.​.​And Then There Was One

by 9th Line Alchemy

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The debut EP from the Carleton Place Ontario band 9th Line Alchemy


released April 21, 2017

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by 9th Line Alchemy.

Copyright 2017


all rights reserved



9th Line Alchemy Ontario

Scott Wark - Guitar/Vocals
Matt Ingram - Guitar/Background Vocals
Josh Cohen - Drums/Background Vocals
Gumby - Bass

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Track Name: Going Out Tonight
Every damned day it ain't no walk in the park
Lady Luck has left me lost in the dark
Before it's earned my money is all burned away

Sometimes you gotta throw it all to the wind
Can't win for losin' but you're livin' to win
You shake and tumble and you throw your cares away

How 'bout, you don't ask me no questions
and I won't tell you no lies
Locked and loaded and stoppin' for nothin'
I'm already gone, it's been too long
I'm breaking free and going out tonight.

Everybody needs a little time to let go
Double or nothing and it's on with the show
Today was tomorrow yesterday


Goin' out tonight - where I can be free
Goin' out tonight - where you won't bury me
Goin' out tonight - leave it all behind me
And I don't know what I'm doin' tomorrow.. but..
I'm going out tonight
Track Name: Will I Ever Learn?
Caffeine, lies and cigarettes
Light another day
Won't you fly away, to another world

Empty words, and figure eights
My sense of conscience fades
Another pointless day
Another useless way

I – Will I Ever Learn ?

The paranoia swallows me
The pictures on the wall
try to take my pay
It's hurry up and wait

I'll sell the man I used to be
It's all I want today
Won't you fly away
To another world

I – Will I Ever Learn ?

Another year through my fingertips
Funny how the time all slips away
Wishing I would have lived some more
Wishing I would have loved some more
And not wasted this gift on what ifs...
What was, and to be, and Will I Ever Learn ?


Now when I, find myself, looking back at me
I think to, myself to...
Look at all I've overcome
And left behind
Track Name: Alone
Lying alone, wide awake
Taking it in, again and again
My swirling mind, it fades to grey
I wander this path, tonight

Time rolls on, just like
All those visions in my head
And time rolls on, again

It's not that hard to be Alone
Not at all, no
It's not that hard at all

Where have you been ?
And where did you go ?
I don't want to be seen
The feelings have gone
So why am I here ?
I think I'll just go
My journey begins, tonight

I'm alone, with these
Delusional visions in my head
Out on my own, again

Chorus / Solo

Time rolls on
Lost in my thoughts
and so afraid
Time rolls on...again
Track Name: Coming Home
As I walk into the setting sun
It's time to look back on this life
And everything I've said and done
And what cuts me like a knife
They said, “be all you want to be”
And “don't ever let 'em get you down”
“Kick up that winding road, and get the hell right out of town”

I will walk this road alone
For the first time in forever
And I'll break this heart of stone
I'm Coming Home

Everything you wanna be, is sitting right in your head
(I am your life)
Justify what's wrong or right

As time it burns it's endless wrath
And weighs heavy on your soul
It's always two steps forward and one step back
As you're trying to reach that goal
And sometimes it's hard to look
Into the bright side of this life
Push all that shit away, and get right on up and shine

Chorus / Solo / Chorus

As I walked into the setting sun
And I looked back on this life
And all the things I've said and done
And what cut me like a knife

I did what I had to do, and I never let it drag me down
Kicked up that winding road, and got the hell right outta town..boy.

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